Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.

Haruki Murakami

End of Life Doula Care

Compassionate Support in Your Time of Need

All people deserve support at end of life. Whether you are terminal, under hospice care, are grieving and desire support or you simply want to be as prepared as you can for end of life through things like estate planning, advanced directive creation or legacy creation, we can help.

What exactly is an End of Life Doula?

An End of Life Doula is a professional trained in the art of death support, providing emotional, physical, and educational support to a dying person and/or their family. The doula’s purpose is to help the individual define what a “good” death means for them, doing so with as much grace, peace and support as possible.

The 3 Phases of End of Life Support

Phase 1: Doula Support (Pre-active dying)

If you or a loved one have been given a terminal diagnosis or if you have a loved one in a direct/senior care facility, we can provide comfort, companionship and non-medical care. We can provide this services to families as well, helping with the processing of grief, in addition to practical direction in funeral, estate and advanced directive planning.

Services include:
– Advanced and End of Life Planning
– Funeral Planning
– Conversation around life meaning with both client and/or family
– Legacy Projects ( Lettters to loved ones, memory projects, memoir writing, etc)
– Companionship, non medical care and compassionate touch



Phase 2: Vigil Support (Active dying)

No one should die alone. No one should grieve alone.With our Vigil planning services, we will sit bedside with you through the act of dying, as well as support families through this process as well. Activities can include non medical care, room and environment preparation, meal planning for families during the vigil stage and general companionship, errand running, respite and support.

Services can include:
– Vigil planning ( room dynamics, discussion as to religous/non religous texts read, planning the atmosphere of the space)
– Family support
– Sitting bedside
– Sharing clients last wishes with family
– Non medical care ( compassionate touch, mouth care, temperature control, etc)

Phase 3: Grief Support (Post death)

Families and loved ones are always in need desperate need of support after an active death. While we do not offer formalized grief counseling, we do provide opportunities for companionship, funeral planning, grief processing through conversation, legacy planning and memorial creation.

Service includes:
– Funeral attendance/coordination/support
– Death experience reprocessing with family
– Meal preparation and service
– Follow up visits
– Legacy project creation ( with family)
– Legacy project implementation ( on clients behalf)

Beyond Morning is trained by INELDA, (the International End of Life Doula Association) and in EOL business practices by Going with Grace with Alua Arthur.

We adhere to INELDA’s Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice in all EOL Doula Services.