Thoughts on Living and Dying, On Writing and Story

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Even if I am dying, until I actually die, I am living. -Paul Kalanithi

You are Welcome here.

This blog is dedicated to those who want to live bountifully and to die gracefully.

It is dedicated those who want to use story as an opportunity to learn about who they truly are.

To those who write about themselves or their loved ones or to those who desire to do so soon.

This is blog is dedicated to the breathing, the dying and to everyone in between. 

dying hands

What is an End of Life Doula?

End of Life Doula’s are soul servants. They help support and care for the dying, helping to provide as peaceful of a death experience as possible.

How writing is saving my life…

I have found a sense grace in the act of writing. Every day, I remember more times when putting words on paper saved my life. The first