Give the gift of a years worth of legacy and story recording. Tell your life Story in 1 year.

Perhaps you have a parent or loved one who is getting older and closer to no longer being with you here on this plane of existence. You want to record their life’s story for future generations, to get to know them better and to have a record of memories. But you don’t know how to write a book about a life or simply don’t have the time.

During this holiday season, what would it be like to give them the gift of a writer who will follow them around, interview them, get to know them and publish a book about them, all over the course of a year? Do you think that would be something both you and they would appreciate?

That’s what the 12 Months of Legacy Life Story program is all about at Beyond Morning. When you sign up for this service, you get a writer that will:

  • Conduct & Record multiple interviews per month with your loved one about their life, motivations, experiences and learned lessons. ( And you get to keep the recordings!)
  • 2 biweekly emails (on opposite weeks of life review interviews) meant to help prompt conversation, unearth memories and spark the imagination.
  • Write a 80,000-word memoir about the life of your loved one.
  • Print your book, including a custom cover and interior design. You can even include cherished photos if you like!
  • Publish and distribute your memoir, if you wish.


Interviews can be conducted via Zoom, in person or by telephone!


At the end of the year, you will receive 5 beautifully printed and boxed copies of your book to keep or distribute to family and friends. You can even order more books afterwards if you would like! 

For a Limited Time...

The 12 Months of Legacy Program is only available for sign-ups between Nov 26th and December 24th, 2021.  Not only is this $1000 cheaper than our regular legacy memoir service, but you also get a framed gift certificate to present to your loved one as a gift, if you so choose!


Normally $3999, The 12 Months of Legacy Life Story Program is only $3000! Spread out over monthly payments, this is only $250 a month!

  • Note: In person interviews are available for the Central Pennsylvania region. Travel compensation for interviews outside of that region may be applicable. Zoom and telephone interviews are available everywhere.

How to Schedule

Purchase the program today by filling out the form below. You will get an email and a phone call from Garrett by the end of the day.