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Beyond Morning

Beyond Morning is a death-support and storytelling organization that exists to help individuals remember, record, share, and celebrate their life’s story before the moment of death arrives. Then, when death is imminent, we offer compassionate care and support through the death doula model.

We teach individuals about the value of memoir and life stories, as well as the necessity of memorializing them when they are no longer here to do so.

Our mission is simple: We are scribes, storytellers, and listening ears for both the living and the dying. For the dying, we are companions, friends, caregivers, and end of life support.

We accomplish our goals and mission in a number of ways:

  • Through our Story Studio, we write, record, share and celebrate memoirs for both the living and the terminally ill.
  • Through our EOL Services, we offer death doula support, including bedside vigils, advance planning, funeral & end of life planning, companionship, grief support, and more.
  • For the general public, we offer resources, books, podcasts, and more on dying, grief, end of life, and memoir writing.
  • For organizations and other death doulas, we offer training, media support, and more in order to encourage death-healthy conversation.

Beyond Morning believes that people not only fear death but also fear being forgotten. We exist to alleviate death & legacy anxieties through the celebration of your life’s story and through supporting you at the end of it.


Review all of our services here, including memoir ghostwriting, end of life doula services, writing workshops, advanced planning sessions and more.


Beyond Morning was founded by Garrett Drew Ellis, a writer, ghostwriter and End of Life Doula. Read more about him and Beyond Morning’s philosophy here.


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Garrett Drew Ellis

Garrett Drew Ellis is a writer, death doula and owner of Beyond Morning. He created Beyond Morning so that the 7 billion people on this planet would know that each one of their stories, and their lives, are precious and worth remembrance and celebration.

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