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Beyond Morning

Celebrating life, Embracing Death, Serving both.


Beyond Morning is a storytelling and End of Life Doula service serving Central Pennsylvania and surrounding counties.

Our mission is two-fold: To celebrate life through documenting it in memoir and to support both the dying and their families through non medical, end of life doula support.


As a storyteller and End of Life Doula, my mission is two-fold: to document life and to serve in death. I offer skill, guidance, encouragement, direction, and care as individuals navigate through both happy times and end of life.

As a Living Storyteller, my goal is to celebrate life through memoir. As a ghostwriter and biographer, I write and publish life stories, as well as foster meaningful conversation and offer helpful published resources. The Story Studio exists in order to provide individuals a place to document their lives, perhaps in a book or in conversation with someone else, knowing that their story will serve in whatever capacity they see fit.

As an End of Life Doula, I view the relationship with a terminally ill individual or a grieving family as that of service; my main priority is to walk with them and to help navigate death in as peaceful of a way as possible. Through work that may include vigil planning, life review, creating advanced directives and even bedside/last moment support, services are non-medical and support the individuals emotional and spiritual well being. As in the birth doula world, I am with a client you every step of the way as they make their transition and am trained by INELDA, (the International End of Life Doula Association).

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“I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.”.



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