End of Life Doula Service + Story Studio

Writing your story. Celebrating your life.

We want to write your life's story while you are still living and if needed, to support you at the end of it.

Banksy is quoted as having said “…they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.

The mission of Beyond Morning is to support individuals in the writing of their life’s story before the moment of physical death. Then, when that moment comes, we strive to offer compassionate support for both them and their families, assisting in creating as peaceful of a death as humanly possible.

Stories for the living. Support for the dying. This is who we are.

As an organization who’s passion is life stories, our clients hire us as writers to ghostwrite their own, or that of a family member’s, memoirs. We provide companionship and a listening ear to the dying, as well as fully edited, professionally written manuscripts to both them and their families. We assist with publishing options if desired. While our primary desire is to write for especially those with terminal diagnoses, we also write memoir for the healthy and the living.

As a Death & End of Life Doula, our passion is to support, write for, memorialize and companion the dying. An End of Life Doula is a professional, non medical support person trained to provide emotional, practical and physical support in death. Not only are we a companion and support system through the dying process who champions the art of listening and writing, we provide Advanced Planning Consultations and Vigil/Bedside support. 



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About Beyond Morning

Beyond Morning was founded by Garrett Drew Ellis, a writer, ghostwriter and End of Life Doula. Read more about him and Beyond Morning’s philosophy here.


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Garrett Drew Ellis

Hi, I’m Garrett, the owner, writer and End of Life Doula here at Beyond Morning. 

Showing compassion and celebrating life brings me the greatest joy. 

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